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Malcolm and his son Paul make the fifth and sixth generations of the Robson Family.  Between the two of them, they have almost 70 years of experience working at their craft.  The family projects have been featured in dozens of publications, including H.G., Architectural Digest, Southern Living, Designers West, Southern Accents, Connoisseur, and Antiques.  

Born in London, England in 1943, Malcolm Robson began studying the art of graining under the direction of his father at the age of 16.  During his time in England, he worked on many internationally renowned projects, including Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament, Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace, and Downing Street.     

After completing his 15 year apprenticeship under the tuition of his father, Malcolm became the 5th generation of his family to serve as a Master Grainer and Marbler.  Soon thereafter, in 1979, Malcolm immigrated to the United States.  At the time of his move, the Victoria and Albert Museum named him “the premier grainer in the English speaking world.” 

After arriving in the United States, Malcolm made his home in Virginia, primarily focusing his business close to home.   However, he quickly expanded his clientele and began sharing his expertise on projects in Maryland, D.C., and many other parts of America.  He has completed projects at the homes of Oscar de la Renta, David Brinkley, Bill Blass, and the Honorable Mr. and Mrs. Bob Dole, among others.  Historic sites which display Malcolm’s work include the Capitol Building, West Virginia Independence Hall, the Atheneum in Philadelphia, and the Hermitage in Tennessee.  Malcolm continues to travel both the United States and the world, sharing his talent with others.  To date, he has worked in countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, and the Caribbean.

Additionally, Malcolm enjoys educating and entertaining audiences through lectures and demonstrations.  He has been called upon to lecture on the historical importance of graining by numerous groups and societies, including the B.B.C., P.B.S. television, Mount Vernon, and the Alexandria Historical Society.          

In 2004 Malcolm was the recipient of  2 honor awards for excellence from the Virginia Architects Chapter.         

Born in London in 1971, Paul Robson began working with the company over 20 years ago.  He completed his 15 year apprenticeship, learning the techniques to imitate countless woods, marbles, and various faux finishes.  He has traveled extensively to complete projects in the Carribean, Europe, and across the United States.  Paul's creativity and knowledge of modern techniques has helped to keep the company on the cutting edge of artistic design, while also maintain the historical integrity of the craft. 

The family began graining and marbling in the 1870's in London, England.  The earliest records show that Robson Worldwide Graining has its roots in graining, marbling, gilding, and sign painting for building companies.  As time went on, and specialization became the norm, guilding and sign painting were gradually eliminated from the company's repertoire.  Shortly after WWI, the company began concentrating on graining and marbling, completing projects as ranging from private homes to royal palaces.   Upon Malcolm's father's retirement in 1979, the family business moved its base of operations to Virginia in the United States. 

Frank Herbert Robson and Phoebe Robson

Stanley Victor Robson

Malcolm Francis Robson