About us

The Robson Family is proud to continue a long tradition of creating special finishes for a wide variety of clients, both private and commercial.  We offer our services to interior designers and decorators, architects, builders, contractors, painting companies, historic organizations, and homeowners.  Estimates are free and pricers are calculated for each project, however large or small. 

Woodgraining, marbling, faux finishes, art decoration, and restoration skills are the specialized talents of our family.  Since the 19th Century, the Robsons have decorated countless private homes, palaces, offices, restaurants, castles, and churches for clients desiring quality and a personal touch.                                                                                                                                                                                            Imagine creating the illusion of a beautiful wood room right on top of painted drywall or plaster without the bother of construction.  Perhaps taking an existing plain mantel and rendering it in faux marble to completely "fool the eye".  A floor decorated in soft glazes or inlay, or walls and crown molding glazed and varnished in French Strie or ragging to tone with drapery and carpet.  Working with the owner, designer, or architect, we are able to offer techniques that will suite a contemporary home or office, or a space that is more traditional or even historic.  We can imitate any wood or marble, authentic or invented, and produce limitless faux finishes.  Our reputation for color matching is legendary.